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We’re that favourite linen shirt you wore to your friends birthday lunch where you drank too much champagne and danced on the table (shhh!).

Your just-the-right-amount-of-tailoring shirtdress that gave you the pep in your step for your first day at your new job… and you realised you weren’t as nervous as you thought because of course you had this in the bag.   

The feels-like-I’m-on-holiday (we’ll take that feeling whenever we can get it) stripe skirt you’re always wearing to pick up the kids from school, then race them around for the afternoon because no matter how many children are clamouring on you or how many bags you’re carrying you always feel polished and put together (until you get home and realise you have tiny finger prints on your top & you’ve forgotten the veggies for dinner.  However, you did remember the wine… priorities are always important.).

That classic goes-with-everything-you-already-own shirt that you saw your daughter wearing and thought I need one of those. So you jump online, think about the days when you mail ordered, then realise this online thing is actually very simple. So you buy all 3 timeless colours, that you’ll still be wearing in 10 years.

Your whisper weight summer dress that friends say ‘Wow you look fantastic in that!’ and you think ‘Does that mean I dont always look fantastic haha’. Now that you’re thinking about it, last time you saw them you probably had one child hanging off your arm, the other lagging behind in a daydream whilst you were madly rushing to get somewhere. So yes. You. Love. This. Dress. Someone hand you a drink…. dancing is required!

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